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“ We love our community, and we want to keep you informed on all the great things that are happening here at the Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco as well as needs we can use your help with. ”
Donna Cortes
  • Monthly Updates: Upcoming Events, Past Event Highlights, Recognition, Community Announcements, Facility Updates, Inspirational Stories and more.
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In this newsletter you will discover:

Upcoming Events

Stay informed on upcoming events like the Nurses Gala, Festival of Trees, and other community events.


From time to time must deserved recognition for special individuals who work tirelessly or have a large impact around here.

Post Event Highlights

It takes so much work from so many people to put on an fun event for everyone.  And it's so much fun to share and highlight them after.

Community Announcements

Our community is amazingly generous we want to share our community news, events, as well as successes within the community.

Facility Updates

We do our best to keep the facility updated the best we can.  We  are always happy and proud to let you know of our progress and when something significant has taken place.

Inspirational Stories

There is always an inspiration story to be told. The people we serve have been through some of the most try times and many have managed to keep their belief, faith and hearts in the right place.